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Birth Story Series: Rendon W

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

On the morning of November 30th 2018 at 5am I was laying in bed awake and felt the baby move then two small pop feelings down there, my thought was more discharge or maybe more of the plug. I waited about 30 minutes and got up because I just felt weird. Right when I stood up out of bed I had a small gush of water come out and I thought either "oh crap my water just broke or oh crap I just peed myself". I fixed myself in the bathroom and went back to bed. I started to have period like cramps and felt like maybe I needed to pee after about 30 more minutes so I got up and low and behold more of my waters started coming out. I knew then that today was the day! I then went by my husbands side of the bed scratched his head gently waking him and said "baby my water broke" he said "cool, good stuff" I just stood there kinda in shock thinking well he's taking this well. Lol. He noticed I was still standing there and he said "well we aren't going to hospital now, are we?" I kinda laughed and said "no". I went to the living room and laid there waiting for contractions to start.

Eventually the kids woke up, I went along the morning like it was normal. Fed the kids, started to clean so we didn't have to later, cleaned piggies cage, etc etc. I had a few contractions but nothing consistent so I wasn't worried about rushing yet but they were getting a little stronger and the kids were getting a little aggravating on my laboring self so I yelled to my husband asking him if he could get up and help with the kids so I could labor easier. He got up and then realized what I had said a few hours back well needless to say he started to panic just a tad and thought we should go to the hospital. I said no because my contractions weren't strong enough or close enough for my comfort to leave home. I didn't want to be laboring at the hospital all day, I'd rather stay home. He called one of his best friends that has a lot of experience in this category and his wife agreed with me that it wasn't time to go yet. Well soon after getting off the phone with them, my contractions started coming on stronger and about 2-3 minutes apart.

We got the babies ready, myself ready and packed and left. We had about an hour drive to the hospital. The whole time my contractions were consistent. Well about halfway there I felt a HUGE gush of water come out and kept coming...and coming...and coming...I was laughing hysterically and my husband needed to roll the window down, it was starting to get him

When we got to the town our hospital was in, we decided to make a stop at Starbucks to get my husband a coffee, kids a cake pop and myself a sandwich because I hadn't eaten breakfast yet. Literally sitting in a huge pile of amniotic fluid and waiting in a Starbucks line

I had texted my mom that we were ready for her because she was going to watch the kids while my husband helped me labor (that was the plan). We get to the hospital, I check in with one of my husband's old jackets around my waist (because it looks as if I had peed my pants for 3 days). We go up to the room, I give the nurse my birth plan which included hands off, limited cervical checks, no IVs or locks, no medication, no students etc during my labor. I just wanted to birth in peace without any distractions and I was determined to birth my way this time. No more push over. After we got to our room, I changed into my own labor gown I had brought and then my mom came shortly after. Well my contractions died down and then eventually pretty much stopped. It gave me anxiety and I didn't understand what was going on and since my water had already broke and I was already at the hospital I knew I was on a ticking clock

2pm came around and my contractions still hadn't really started up again so my midwife had recommended nipple stimulation (pumping), so I started that and had actually pumped one whole ounce of colostrum! About 3pm I stopped pumping because it didn't seem to be doing anything. By then the kids were getting restless so my mom and husband went outside with them and my mom took my oldest to go eat. Well when they left I decided to go use the restroom and when I got up I had a contraction then walking back to the birthing ball I had another and these were strong, I got excited. I decided to keep pacing back and forth in my room. By the time my husband came back upstairs I had about 4 contractions! I stayed standing up and kept having some nice strong contractions only about 3 minutes apart lasting about 60-90 seconds long. When my mom came back with my oldest, we told her that labor starter back up again. My mom and two babies stayed in the room while I labored. My midwife and nurse came in and told them that it picked back up and I asked them "how will I know when the baby is coming or when close?" She said "oh we know by how a woman acts". I said oooookkkkk....?? Lol.

For the next few contractions the nurse helped me concentrate and breathe through them, she tried to put me in the bed backwards but that was uncomfortable and I preferred to stand or get on the floor. After that she left so I could labor with my family. I had a contraction and the babies had been watching daddy help me by pushing on my hips, so they decided to help too. I had a contraction and I got down on my knees and leaned on my moms legs, our two babies got behind me and started to rub my back seriously cutest thing ever! Things were getting intense but I was breathing through them and my husband was pushing in my hips (best pain reliever ever!)

I went to the restroom to pee and the nurse came in, apparently she hinted around that it was only getting started and it would be a few more hours......more like 20 minutes...

So my husband had called his dad and sister and they were going to come up and watch the babies so my mom could go to a football game (she had already bought the tickets, my little sister was there and Clover didn't know that )

Right when she was leaving I was getting intense and told Chris that the babies needed to get out...(I didn't want to scare them because the contractions were extremely strong and I didn't know if I would scream or not) left and Chris was trying to help me breathe through the pain AND keep the kids away because I had a strong urge for them not to talk or touch me (my labor mindset). I finally told Chris "I don't care if you get out with them just go get them out!" His family hadn't arrived yet. Well he got them to sit down and watch their tablets. He came back by me, I was on my hands and knees on the floor, one arm over the giant birthing ball, my other on the floor supporting myself. I told Chris to go get a nurse (very loudly), he does (apparently without a sense of emergency *quoted from the nurse*) she asked who is your nurse and he went back to our board, (During this time, I checked myself and could only get the tip of my index finger in and when I pulled my hand back I had blood on it, showed Chris and just said I'm bleeding, it didn't actually occur to me that I just touched my baby's head) and he read off 3 different names and told them we needed someone now. I had a huge contraction and no one was by me, Chris was by the door waiting on a nurse and I yelled out "someone help me!" And with that Chris came by me I pulled him down clinging to him for life, still on my knees, my nurse (not midwife) came in and went behind me, noticed I still had my undies on, started to try and pull them off and all the sudden it seemed like 10 freakin nurses were in the room and I was literally in the middle of my last contraction and some were telling me to slow down (sorry, not sorry I couldn't slow down she was coming without me doing anything!) I felt this insane feeling, I was in a whole nother mind set, and I was clinging to my husband, the nurse was behind me and then so fast BAM Clover was born. There was no "oh you're drowning, ok heads out let's wait on the shoulders etc'' she went from not there to out so fast the nurse barely caught her. She caught her from behind and handed her to me through my legs (I was still on the floor on my knees). I grabbed her and just dropped to the floor. Literally in shock. I just looked around. My husband went to our babies who watched the whole thing (don't worry they aren't scared, I had prepared them by watching birthing videos with them, they know where babies come from). I looked at them and then kinda snapped out of it. I moved the umbilical cord so I could see the gender and I yelled out "it's a girl!" And we told Daisy and Oliver ``look it's your baby sister!" They came over to me while I was still sitting on the floor and looked at her and of course Daisy fell in love right away, Oliver said awww. It was awesome of them to get to be there and see that. After that the nurses picked me up and set me in the bed so I could deliver the placenta (which those contractions hurt just as bad as the labor one)...Haha I had hoped the pain was over...nope. lol.

Anyways I don't know how long we waited to cut the cord but I know it was quite a while since I wanted to delay the clamping. I was only in real active labor for 3 hours and I'll be honest, if we had this experience 1st (hands off, just let me labor type of labor) then we probably would have had our next two at home. It was actually easy.

Anyways, after her birth, she received no shots, no vit k, no nasty eye goop, just pure natural like God created her to be

These past 2 weeks have been awesome having her, she is the most chill baby we have had

We love you so much our baby Clover

You are the best surprise we have ever received!

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