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Birth Story Series: Amber (Free Birth)

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Our very first freebirth baby born at home! meet EMBERLYNN RAIN!

Jan 16th I started losing mucus plug and cramping. Josh and I were totally prepared

We kept going back and forth on if we would keep our kids home with us.

Ended up keeping them here so glad we did. They thought it was the coolest thing seeing the placenta and umbilical cord and had all the questions!

Jan 17th went about my day as contractions poured in randomly but each wave got stronger. I woke up in the morning and my husband asked if I wanted food or anything. I picked a cracker barrel and had him go out to get it. Told him I thought I would hit transition in about 2 hours. I was definitely off, lol. He came back contractions still decent but 10-15 min apart.

2 hours go by contractions are still rough but I don't see transition anytime soon. So I take a couple naps then come back out and do some miles circuit. Part of the miles circuit was to lay propped up with a bunch of pillows so I did. Was gonna take advantage and take a nap during that time but I just couldn't relax.

I realize the contractions are picking up at this point in strength and I have to take tons of trips to pee.

I go lay my 1.5 year old down while she's nursing I feel a ton of pressure like baby engaged so I run to get my husband up thinking she's possibly crowning

She wasn't but he was up helping me get ready. I got in the bath thinking maybe I'd have a water birth but my tub was super small and each surge was getting stronger and bearing down and I knew I needed to get out because it was too small. Contractions are coming after I get out back to back and I get on all 4s on the floor telling my husband to get ready for the baby because it's coming. I feel more pressure and ask if he sees the baby . He says no so I'm frustrated like I know this baby is coming. I can FEEL it! Next thing I know the ring of fire he's screaming. I see it so it gives me the strength to push during a contraction and out come the cries her head is out and my water gushes! Now I have to focus on the body. Grab that last contraction and bear down and out comes baby! It was a surprise gender we had no idea it was a girl she threw us for a loop!

I birthed placenta about 15 min later and we left her cord intact for about 45 min.

I am so proud I did that! And I feel so amazing!

All in all labor was 28 hours from losing the start of my mucus plug and cramps til born!

I am still in shock. Baby girl is nursing like a champ and she is 19.5 inches long weighing in at 7lbs exactly! She was born at 1am Jan 18th

Never thought I would actually be able to freebirth like a boss so glad I did wouldn't trade a thing it was so awesome that dad caught her too!

I feel absolutely blessed!

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