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Birth Story Series: Charvel

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

I wrote some of this before Waverly’s birth.

Why did I have a home birth??

Not because of covid LOL

I wanted (and had 🙌🏼) a home birth because:

I don’t want to “fight” nurses or doctors

I want no medical interventions.

No unneeded cervical checks.

No induction medications.

No forced pushing.

Mainstream medical has failed me more than once and I am adamant to stay out of the hospital.

I had a home birth VBAC.

My first was born way early and I feel like I had a huge lack of care. Also my son has had various medical issues and mainstream medicine has also failed him in various ways.

I saw a mainstream OB around 30 weeks as a precaution as I’ve been seeing a non mainstream midwife this pregnancy.

He couldn’t look past my first pregnancy so he just lumped me in with being at high risk because of my son's early birth. Just looked at charts, told me what tests I needed, and didn’t recommend a home birth. It just motivates me more to stay at home. These pregnancies have been quite different. I am healthier as I take the right vitamins for my genetics (methylated folate and not folic acid for one) and use various supplements and homeopathic remedies when I need them.

So, I’m over mainstream medicine and how they just put me in a box and don’t look at anything but high risk. I hoped to avoid the hospital as much as I possibly can. I had midwives I trust and the comfort of my home.

I don’t want to fight or be paranoid at a hospital. Don’t need to be dealing with strangers either - nurse rotations or on call doctors I’ve never met..

I wanted to be calm and have peace for my baby. I want to listen to my body and to experience this natural process..

I don’t want her to have any effects if I had an induction or an epidural or anything like that or whatever tools they’d use or if they’d force me to push when I didn’t want to or tell me I have to be on the bed etc.

just not gonna happen..

Or once she’s born be paranoid they will try to vaccinate her or simply having to even have that discussion as they will try to convince me otherwise telling me it’s necessary and safe and effective (which it’s not but that’s another marathon long diatribe) and it will just get me worked up having to defend my choice as a parent of my baby.

Already let them poison my first child.

Not ever doing that again.

—- - - - —-

Birth to me seems traumatic in all forms. Even when it’s a positive one.

I am grateful for vbac. I wanted natural vaginal birth with my first and I never got that along with many other things.

I wouldn’t plan a C-section ever, even though in some ways physically it was easier in “birth” and recovery. It was hard not being able to sit. And learning to nurse was very painful.

In this postpartum time I was dealing with grief of missing the newborn experiences with my first as I was experiencing them with this babe and processing through birth and all.

So, here’s the birth story of my home birth VBAC of my vax free & Med free babe.

I felt pressure continuously Tuesday night and Wednesday during the day but it was pretty mild. I wasn’t sure if this was labor or not. I was messing with acupressure points with a laser acupuncture pen. Not sure if doing that started the consistent contractions or not but shortly after on wednesday night they began relatively mild and I slept on and off from 11pm to 3/4am.

I had wondered if my pain tolerance would get the better of me especially since having never experienced labor or birth. (Isaac was an emergency c-section).

Around 4 am on Thursday I let the midwives know the contractions were consistent and intense but really weren't too bad necessarily. I didn’t know if they would be stronger than they already were. I could move around and get some things and just have to stop and breath through the wave.

When the midwives came around 7 am I was dilated to a 10 already.

I subconsciously and consciously stalled my labor - Between my pain tolerance being too high and making sure Isaac was taken care of and Scott being able to be with me.

I didn’t have an urge to push at all but the intensity of contractions I felt around 4 am were the same around 9 am. If I knew how to push she might have been born sooner.

Directed pushing was kinda long and some hard pushing it seemed cause her head was big & her arm was up near her face.

My endurance was lame.

Totally regret not working out lol.

Hardest part seemed to be holding my breath long enough to keep pushing.

Wish our space was a bit bigger tho. Or had a smaller tub as the tub water was somewhat cold too cause our hot water tank is so small so it was too cold to use for birthing if I had wanted.. Tho I think the tub stalled contractions a little idk. So I didn’t use the tub much.

I began actively pushing around 9:30

Had to move all around and reposition many times. Ended up sitting on the toilet and then like half way straddling with one leg up on it and she was born at 11:39 am.

Midwifes praying out loud and another one on the phone speaker praying. Praying for contractions. While they prayed for a contraction - it would begin.

No tearing but I was close to having to be cut which they don’t normally do. she was crowing for about 45 minutes. Thankfully Her heart tones were good and that she came out when she did.

7 pounds. 3 ounces. 20 inches.

This home birth VBAC happened by God’s grace with the help of Scott & these amazing ladies Pita, LaVona, & Mary.

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