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All pregnancies are different, with each experience being special and unique in its own way. That’s why we work with you to customize our support services, always striving to meet your needs and expectations. We invite you to view the services we offer below, and get in touch with us to talk about how we can support you. Our doula services, birth photography and steam services are not available at this time. For recommendations check out our "Resourse + Village" page.

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Sam and Felicia would meet you and your partner (if applicable) at a coffee shop or restaurant of your choice or hold the meeting in your home. Consultations are typically one hour where we encourage you to interview us as much as we get to know you.  

We are willing to practice social-distancing and mask wearing to your level of comfort in these new times. 

Please get in touch for a free consultation regarding our services and how we can best assist you.

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Start your journey by getting to know us and our team! When "shopping" for a birth and postpartum support it's so important to find the right fit for you and your family. We offer a free consultation where we can meet in person or video call and you can ask any questions you have to know whether we are a good fit for you and you, us. Get to know us and let us know how we can serve you best! Contact us today!

Placenta Encapsulation - $300
Traditional Chinese Medicine Method

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Method (AKA “warm processed”) The belief is that a woman’s body is cooled significantly during the process of birth and benefits from the warming properties of the steamed placenta.

This method of preparing the placenta for encapsulation involves steaming the placenta gently with herbs. Ginger, lemon and cayenne pepper are used in the steaming step. Putting the herbs in the steaming process is believed to bring out the placenta’s natural healing properties. Lemon is thought of as an antiseptic and helps to distribute the placenta throughout the body. Cayenne and ginger are warming herbs and thought to lend their properties to the placenta. The ginger specifically acts as a facilitator for energy and good blood flow. Then the placenta is sliced into small pieces and placed in a dehydrator. The amount of time it takes to fully dehydrate is really dependent on the size of the placenta. It can sometimes take over 24 hours. Once dehydrated, the pieces are ground up into powder form and packed into capsules.. The average number of pills is 90-150.

 TCM is believed to have toning, healing, and warming properties. Since TCM is most associated with warming, it is recommended to avoid it when your body is “heated” from an infection such as mastitis, flu, or other illness resulting in a fever. Encapsulating your placenta can be a great addition to your postpartum healing and recovery. It’s benefits include and are not limited to:

  • Prevention or lessening of postpartum depression by balancing hormones

  • Replenishing lost nutrients such as iron and B vitamins

  • Balancing of endocrine and circulatory systems

  • Increasing energy and pain relief

  • Shortening postpartum bleeding

  • Promoting uterine involution

  • Relieving stress and promoting feelings of well-being

Pelvic Steaming -
$50 for 6 Weeks of Herbs
$50 for 6 week Steam Stool Rental

Pelvic steaming is the practice of healing, cleansing and strengthening the pelvic regions through steam. Steam is such a gentle yet, effective way to enhance our bodies natural way of eliminating and rejuvenating. Our Steam Facilitator , Sam, has trained and leans into her own testimonial experience with how steam has helped her body heal. She has knowledge of what herbs are best for a multitude of ailments and is always searching for latest research to better aid women in this way. We offer hand crafted stools available for purchase and rental.

Rebozo - $90 for 1hr training and Handwoven Rebozo

The use of a rebozo is a technique that dates back to the time Mexico was invaded by the Spaniards. When the foreigners forced the indigenous women to wear head coverings in the burgeoning Catholic Churches once a week, the native women were too resourceful to allow this new fabric to be used solely for one purpose. Midwives co-opted these long, woven scarves for all stages of life, from womb to tomb. Ranging from support during pregnancy and labor to providing baby carriers for the postpartum, rebozos have become heirlooms and are even used as burial shrouds.

Our doula, Sam, was trained by Gina Kirby to respect this practice and honor its roots. The use of authentically handwoven rebozos sourced from Mexico is important to keep the artisanal craft alive - you can easily buy such a rebozo through Sam. She has nearly twenty different ways to use the rebozo as ways to provide comfort in pregnancy, connection between the birthing person and whoever is supporting her, and a beautiful way to carry baby close once they’re earthside. The key to the rebozo is creativity and facilitating connection in any type of environment. The best way to use the rebozo is to become trained in its use prenatally so by the time labor begins, the weave of the rebozo carries all that love and practice - this is especially wonderful in the case of hospital births because it’s a piece of home that will bring much comfort in an otherwise foreign space.

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