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Birth Story Series: Jaclyn (Continued!)

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Wednesday, September 26 I was technically 2 days shy of 42 weeks and very nervous about having to transfer care from my homebirth midwife to a hospital. Per my midwives request I did a castor oil smoothie that morning and went for a hike at Catalina State Park. It was a beautiful morning for a hike and I was feeling really good! I also had an appointment for acupuncture in the afternoon. I felt fine after castor oil, which I was kind of bummed about. Ha! But during and after my acupuncture appointment I had some pretty good contractions, but they fizzled about an hour later.

My midwife recommended another castor oil smoothie and I really wasn’t looking forward to that but I did it anyway. I again had no side affects.

After dinner I started having some decent contractions again and they were stronger than the ones in the afternoon. I went up stairs and took a bath while Ryan took the kids for a walk and then we tried to go to bed early. We got the kids to bed and I tried to sleep but couldn’t sleep through the contractions. So I got up and walked around a bit and then made myself another bath. Contractions were really strong then, but I was pretty tired and falling asleep in the tub so I got out and tried to rest. I went and laid in Brynn’s bed for maybe an hour but my contractions quickly turned into back labor and it was getting crazy painful so I went back in the tub. The contractions really amped up then and I had to rub my back really hard during each one to help with the back labor. Finally at 1:30 I was really struggling and texted my midwife that I needed her to come. My back labor was really getting to me and I was feeling pretty overwhelmed.


Meanwhile I had Ryan, who had been laying with Brynn, get up and fill up the birth tub and get it ready. When my midwives got there they said my position in the tub was not the best for back labor and I should probably get out and stand or lean over something and let someone squeeze my back. Ryan applied pressure on my hips and back for every single contractions after that and I really don’t know if I could have survived without him!! I’ve been thanking him every since! Ha ha! Outside of the tub I did maybe 5 contractions leaning over the changing table, but these contractions.... they were what I can only describe as.... electrifying. Like I got chills and had to dance my feet they were just so intense. I also started to feel some pressure to push and I could feel the baby’s head. It was at that time that I wanted back in the tub asap. So I hopped in and felt down below and sure enough I could feel something and thought maybe it was a head or my water bag. My midwife wanted to check me and I was completely dilated! Which was such a big relief, knowing I was almost done!! We made our way over to the birthing tub and woke up Colin, who was so excited!! He has wanted to see the baby come out since we found out we were expecting! One push in the birth tub and my water popped! Next push I could feel the head with my hand! I was sooo close! It took me a few good pushes before his head came all the way out and after that it was over! It was the most relief I’ve ever felt! I was so excited to find out what the baby was and Colin was sooo proud it was a boy! Brynn miraculously slept through the entire labor and birth and woke up when she heard the baby’s first big cry, which was really sweet!

I walked over to the bed and we all snuggled the baby and ooohed and awwed over him until I delivered my placenta. The kids both picked out books and took turns reading the baby books while he nursed until he got his check up! It was such a sweet and tender time and those first moments together as a family of 5 are memories I will treasure forever!

Cade Patrick Waggoner was born at 4:15 am Thursday, September 27, 2018 at home weighing 7lbs 15 ounces and 21 inches long and perfect in every possible way.

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