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Birth Story Series: Teejay

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Delighted to share the news and story of our second son’s birth!

Meet Kai Angelo Casado Crawford who arrived earth-side at home via free birth. We are thankful to God for how it happened and humbled by the power of following natural instincts and practical preparation. My plan was to labor at home as much as I could and be prepared either way, for going to the hospital or a free birth @ home either way I wanted it unmedicated.

So we set-up comfortable space using a crib mattress on shower curtain on the floor, lots of clean towels, herbal tea, salt lamp, flower essences (thank you @spiritualwarrior) with aromatherapy diffusing, I played Satie’s Gymnopedie (so relaxing) and a hypnobirthing meditation. My water broke at 1 am I knew it was time. I told Mako to get some rest. With Kenzo sleeping and Mako off to bed...I went to work with the surges I was feeling. Labor was pretty much getting intense from 2 am. I set intentions for a peaceful, powerful, natural birth whatever may happen. I prayed so much for God to be with me through the night. I prayed for strength and courage cause I was also scared. I wasn’t sure when, but I was ready to wake Mako up if I felt I needed to go to the hospital. At 6 am I was soooo sooo tired, I felt like the pain was getting beyond incredible! I was on my knees, no clothes except a towel over my back. Then I felt another strong contraction coming but this time with a strong urge to bare down and push. I decided to feel down there and I felt his head crowning. I was surprised! I thought I wasn’t close. So I pushed once more. At this point Mako and Kenzo were awake and standing in front of me. I pushed and out ejected the baby. I caught him in my hands and he gave a loud cry. I placed him on my chest. I sucked out any fluid in his mouth and nostrils. We checked he was breathing. He was pink in color. He opened his eyes. We were in heaven! It was glorious, I was shaking, tired, euphoric and emotions overflowing. I thought Thank God, it’s over! The pain is over. Lol. I did it! Ill post more pics soon #babyboy #freebirth #blessing #kaiangelo #homebirth #family #thankful #pregnancy #love #humannature #maybaby

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