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Birth Story Series: Jessica S - Home Birth

I was 42.2 weeks according to my last period, I talked with my midwife Michelle at the 42 week mark and we checked my ultrasound which gave us 5 additional days. I couldn’t tell you how amazing it was to have those extra days to allow my body to do it’s intended purpose. I literally begged my body, please don’t fail me.

Saturday morning I woke up tired and super emotional. I cried in Brandon’s arms for a solid 30 minutes, he just held me and kissed me. Not asking dumb questions just being exactly what I needed. Finally got up, got showered and ready for the day. Laid around on the couch we watched national treasure, at 4pm Had to go over to the midwifery house to do a NSD test, since I was “overdue” every other day testing just to make sure all was well.

Vanessa met me there, hooked me up and gave me a Pepsi to wake River. My contractions were about 7 minutes apart and were topping out on the chart, Vanessa was like you’re topping over 100, I said good I’ll be seeing you tonight. Not at all thinking I actually would! Felt like your first ever period cramps and uncomfortable but nothing really noticeable.

Got home, unloaded my grocery pick up, started supper and by that time knew I was in labor, I went to the bathroom kept having a show, I walked out of the bathroom literally smiling feeling giddy and excited, I started supper, made mashed potatoes, rolls, Texas Roadhouse copycat butter, green beans a pitcher of sweet tea and Brandon threw steaks on the grill. After supper I cleaned up and Took Levio upstairs and I held my baby boy and knew he wouldn’t be my littlest baby before morning. He will never even know how bittersweet that moment was for me. Napped between contractions, got up and told Brandon to run me a bath, he said “Are you sure? You don’t want them to slow down.” I knew I needed a little relief and assured him they wouldn’t. Contractions were 4 minutes apart and I was breathing through them with ease still.

Sitting in the running bath I called Michelle at 10:04pm, I said “I’m in labor.” She said “yay, great, sending Vanessa over I’ll head your way now.” 30 minutes later Vanessa arrived and things started to get INTENSE, right after she arrived. I had a small gush. It was a forebag. Brandon starting filling up the birth pool about 45 minutes later, I wanted him to hold me, but I knew he needed to get the pool started, I got in as it was still filling, started to really vocalize through contractions, the hot water ran out, so Vanessa and Brandon were boiling stock pots of water. Paisley was telling me how strong I was, how she was so excited to have a sister. She was pouring water on my belly, and helping stir in the boiling water, I started feeling great amounts of pressure and knew things were progressing well. I kept telling myself the contractions aren’t stronger than me, because they are me.

During contractions I was being rather mean to Brandon, bless his heart. He was telling me how good I was doing, coaching my breathing, telling me how I was made to do this and how beautiful and strong I was. I swear he was a godsend, Literally every bit of support I ever could have asked for. At some point so told him to “be still like a garden gnome and that his breath smelled like steak.”

Michelle arrived at 12:32am, She walked in with this sweet smile and said “hi! How are you feeling?” I told her “I feel pressure but not FER, I said can you check me?” I was feeling slight stinging sensations. As soon as she went to check my water broke, I felt a huge pop and gush even in the water. Then boom FER. I couldn’t help but push, yelled “Brandon, get in!” He jumped in, I bore down, her head was out. Vanessa goes “oh her head, that was fast!” I reached down, felt her head and almost started crying, I felt like a badass, all this time waiting and here I was just seconds away from meeting her, she had such soft hair. Something felt off, She felt crooked, I waited a second, Michelle said “Are you waiting for the next contraction?” I looked at her and said “yes, I might need to put my leg up.” “Michelle put her hand in and said “she’s got a sticky shoulder when you feel like pushing, you can” I bore down she wiggled Rivers shoulder from my pelvis and she flew out, it felt like a bowling ball just fell through me, Brandon caught her and brought her straight to his chest! I fell in love with him all over again. He was a freaking champ too. Then we heard a small cry, Michelle says “let’s bring her closer to mom.” I put her to my chest and she just looked at me, completely calmed down, she was so content. I was totally in love, I felt the rush of oxytocin it was a total natural high. The wait was over. 12:46am. Vanessa says “Michelle BS you made it here in perfect timing, you’ve been here for 14 minutes.”

I did it, on my own terms, with an amazing birth team, all the waiting was so worth 8lbs of perfection.

Please feel free to ask any questions, let’s normalize homebirth.

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