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Birth Story Series: Roberta L - Home Birth

The day before my water broke I had minor contractions. Nothing intense but I used them as a chance to practice my breathing technique. Kyle left for work and my parents came over to be with me. They lasted several hours and completely disappeared before bed. I woke up around 5:30 am soaked. I’ve already woken up in a puddle twice before and each time that I got out of bed it would run down my legs. I assume those were both times I had peed myself since nothing came of it. This time I figured I had also peed myself. I thought I should go ahead and call Kyle at work to inform him that I have either peed myself or my water broke just Incase because I really didn’t want him to miss it. I woke my mom up and told her. I was unsure until I sat on my birthing ball. It felt uncomfortable so I stood up and water gushed out of me just like in the movies

I had slight cramps but it didn’t take long before it became intense surges and I was beginning to really have to focus my way through each one.

I called Kyle's workplace to inform them it was for sure my water and to send Kyle home immediately. I was in so much shock that I was actually in labor. The guy on the phone couldn’t even understand what I was trying to tell him. “My water broke, send Kyle Bunch home now!” “Ma’am are you pregnant?” “Yes and baby is coming!”

I asked my mom to wake Cedrick up because I wanted him to be present during it all. She went to the bedroom and tried to wake him up and I could hear him from the living room yelling “no! Go!”. I told mom to just pick him up and bring him in here. Once Cedrick got into the living room it’s like he immediately knew what was happening and jumped in to help in any way he could. He helped put pads under me to soak up the water, he brought me teddy bears to hold and he held my hand through the surges.

It felt like Kyle was never going to make it home but he finally walked through the door to see me squatting on the living room floor hugging my birthing ball. I asked him to run me a bath but I was unsure I even wanted to get in. I was stuck between wanting to lay on my bed or soak in water. I whispered to Kyle that I was scared. He said “don’t be scared, be excited. We are meeting our baby today” I looked at myself in the mirror and repeated “I’m excited, I’m excited!” I decided to get in the bath once it ran and I’m so glad I did. The only position I could fit in was laying on my back but it felt so much better to have the warm water relieving pressure. I felt as if I was in a different world than everyone else. My son was playing with his tractor on the side of the tub and my mom and dad were in the other room while Kyle tried to record and give details so we could have it documented to remember.

I didn’t want to be talked to while going through surges and especially did not want to be touched. I’d close my eyes and try to relax my muscles, loose jaw and loose hips. Breath and Surrender. I could feel her moving down. I knew my baby would be here soon.

The next surge began. I had a strong sensation to push. It was out of my control. Kyle looked at me scared and confused. My breathing became short and fast. Kyle asked me what was happening, if I was okay, if I was having a seizure. It took everything to voice out to him “she’s coming”. He saw her little head and then once the surge loosened up, she went back in. Time felt slow. I relaxed as much as I could before the next surge. My body pushed again and strong, her head was coming out, I could feel every bit of it and I could look down at her. I could see my baby and all of that hair. My surge rested and then one came and went without the urge to push. One more strong surge and urge to push and my baby was out! Daddy caught her and handed her to me. I couldn’t believe I actually did it. Luna was born at 7:09 am with her head being born a few minutes before. I just remember yelling for my dad to come see because he was the only one not in the bathroom. I wanted him to be proud of me and to see his granddaughter.

Cedrick was all about the birthing process until she arrived and it was like he didn’t know what to do with her. Like “she’s here, now what?”.

After some time in the tub we made our way to the bed where we rested and nursed for hours. I still needed to deliver my placenta. I started having anxiety around it. I posted to a supporting group I’m in and got the much needed encouragement to get me ready for it. I woke Kyle up and told him I needed his support to get the placenta out. He got the bowl and placed it under me as I squatted on the bed. Baby girl was lying next to me. I closed my eyes and released myself. I peed and my placenta slowly birthed into the bowl as my baby girl built up the courage to have her first poop. As strange as it may sound, I hold that moment close and dear. We were brave together. And it was more perfect than I could have ever imagined.

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