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Birth Story Series: Britny (unassisted home birth)

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

I felt myself start to have contractions on may 14th (my birthday lol) they increased in number & intensity throughout the day and into the night. I tried to sleep as much as i could although occasionally during the night i had to get up & move around because it felt relieving to do so (for me personally). By the time it was like 9 am i couldn't sleep much anymore and was walking around quite a bit & doing a lot of supported squats (holding onto countertops, my man, etc. for support) and once it was around noon, i felt much too tired to keep moving around so at that point i knew i needed to rest more, so i layed on my sides (switching sides between contractions) and got into a verrryy deep dream like state but still was conscious of the room to a certain extent. I felt her head start to come down into my vagina, it felt a lot like a heavy ball veerryy slowly moving down. And at that point i felt inside my vagina and got some extremely sticky mucus on my hand when i touched her head (which is known as the mucus plug) the mucus had like strings of blood in it, so i went to the bathroom & peed and i feel like that reaalllyy speed things up because i felt some extremely powerful contractions come while sitting on the toilet. So i went to lay down and relax again and after only about 30 minutes i could feel her head coming down very close to the opening of my vagina and then it was starting to burn really really bad (this sensation is commonly known as the ring of fire) it felt like the opening of my vagina exploded... So i reached down to touch it, and it was all perfectly fine!!! There were no rips or even any microtears whatsoever. And i was feeling her head right there at the opening & it was amazing.. The most incredible thing i have ever felt in my hand. The amount of energy & life i could feel running through her head was totally otherworldly & SURREAL. So i did my best to relax while i waited for the next contractions. once the next one got there i tried to kind of hold it and ease the baby out with it, and by the time i got to the second one after that other one that made me feel like i was gonna explode, i gave a little push & kinda rolled onto my back from my side but not like all the way flat on my back & her head came out and then i was like okay one more contraction and little push and her body will be out!! And on that one, when i gave just a little push, she flew out of my vagina rest of the way, and landed on my bed about 3 feet away from my vagina!!! So i lifted up my blanket and said "baby!" To mat and he got up and ran to the bathroom because he thought there was something wrong because she was blue. I had seen a video of what to do when the baby has not yet taken a breath after being born so i knew what to do, all that was needed was for me to pinch the cord for just a second and immediately release it & she took a breath and cried a little bit for a second, So i picked her up and held her in front of my face and softly said "hellooo welcome to the world" and she just stared at me with so much love & wonder & so then i held her on my chest a had her face on my breast & tried to feed her a little bit. She was so sweet from the moment she was born. It was such a beautiful & life changing experience. I am so eternally grateful to have had it with her.

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