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Birth Story Series : Sadi

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

At about 6:50 my water broke broke like filled two depends diapers and was insanely heavy. Instantly I felt some intense contractions and was rolling on my ball. We called my in-laws and they came over to grab Willow. I felt super uncomfortable by the time they got there in about 20 mins and I wanted to go fill up the tub to soak in it and labor.

Well I basically skipped active labor and rolled right into transition. As soon as I got into the tub I felt a huge shift in his position and he was barely down. I squatted in the tub and let the contractions consume me. It was every minute.

To be honest the intensity was so powerful it was painful to me. I kept my focus and my goal in mind and really settled into a rhythm of feeling him come further and further down.

My husband came upstairs and saw that this was happening fast! He set up the tripod and got me song towels for support in the tub. It was super uncomfortable

My friend Veronica came over to take photos and again the shift hit me in waves happening faster than I could control. I did not get a break. I told Kaniel to call my doula because I was feeling really overwhelmed and she kept telling me she was right there and I instantly felt safe.

The contractions were HORRIBLE and every 30 seconds at this point NO JOKE!

I I pushed into the burn and felt the strongest pull of FER and then felt relief and looked down and saw his head!

I was like “omg that’s his head! I’m almost done thank god! Catch him Kaniel ”

I stared at his head and felt his hair and waited for the last push. It felt like an eternity and I even asked my doula Garnet Freeman Doula what do I do

The contraction came and I gave one final push and my sweet baby boy was out! He started nursing as soon as he was born

My husband caught him and pulled him up to me, and I cried with joy and yelled “I did it! Omg I did it!! I free birthed you Ezzy!”

Trigger warning

After he was born he was a tad mucusy so I put my mouth on his nose and mouth and suctioned all the gunk out and he pinked up and started cooing and looking around.

I was feeling a bit weird. And I looked down and saw my water was bright red almost black and my doula said I needed to get out of the tub and lay on the bed. It was so hard to get up. I was contracting still and my body felt like cement. I did stand and felt a huge plop.

Originally we thought it was the placenta but In fact it was a huge blood clot that fell out.

My doula and my husband could see I was not looking good and I started getting very pale white.

They called 911 and an ambulance came and we told them not to cut his cord. They waited and examined me while my vitals were unstable. They loaded us on the truck and I went into shock. At which point they cut his cord. I was contracting so badly when I arrived at the hospital and I nearly passed out from the pain of not being able to deliver my placenta. It was kind of stuck. The nurse came in and with a contraction she pushed on my stomach so hard I saw stars and my placenta splashed out. It’s shaped like a heart.

After that the Dr came in and took Ezzy saying his temperature was extremely low. They took him away and stuck him on the warmer and I felt instantly cold. I started crying and got really scared but luckily Kaniel arrived at this time and he stood right next to him and held his hand so I felt peace.

About an HOUR he finally was given back to me and he warmed up ASAP when I was allowed kangaroo care skin to skin and breastfeeding he never once had another issue but we weren’t allowed to leave for 24 hours!

Finally home we’re so happy and loving our beautiful new family that feels absolutely complete felt a huge burning and I kept saying this burns this burns

I ROARED my baby into this world very loudly about broke my husband and friends eardrums

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