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What if there is a better way to birth?

When you become pregnant there are so many things that are just not talked about or known really regarding pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Knowledge is power, so if we don't have the knowledge how can we have the power? My goal? Give YOU the knowledge so that YOU can have the power and take back your birthing experience! The process of giving birth has been showcased as women in pain, screaming in agony giving a whole new meaning to the word labor. I am here to tell you that birth does NOT have to be what you have been told it is. What if I told you that you could give birth and feel empowered, victorious and proud! I have spoken to many women who told me time and time again that they had a traumatic birth. When I hear this, it truly makes me sad, and a little bit mad too. I am sad that so many women's experiences are so terrifying, I get mad because there is a better way!

When I first became pregnant,

I was determined to have an unmedicated birth, so I began researching EVERYTHING that I could!

I did a lot of digging and ended up finding some amazing nuggets of knowledge that enabled me to give birth without fear and without pain! What hold up - without pain you say? There is NO way right?!

YES, you read that correctly! What I found was that when it comes to labor and delivery you need to prepare! Think of it like this, you wouldn't go and run a marathon without first training for it, right? Well I am here to tell you it is the same with labor and delivery! What I discovered is once you reach your third trimester, it is go time! It is time to get your body ready, but most importantly your mind ready. I felt that birthing was 90% mental, having your mind prepped and prepared is crucial to having a successful birth!

I had countless people from family, friends and even my own mother tell me that I would not be able to accomplish such a feet. I was told I would be begging for the epidural and that I would most likely end up having a c-section due to my size. I would politely tell them, "well we will see", they all thought I was nuts. I am so happy that I didn't listen to the naysayers and went with my instincts and did all that I could to support my mind, and body to achieve a peaceful and pain free birthing experience!

After having such an empowered and nearly unheard of birth, I felt the strong desire and call to help other women to have the same empowered birth that I had! So that's what I did, I worked on compiling all that I learned into a course, every tip, trick and groundbreaking support. You were built to birth babies and to give life, your body can do amazing things, when fully supported with knowledge. You can do this, you will do this, you are doing this! If you or someone you know are interested in taking the mindful gentle birth course please see link below.

- Julia McCool -

Placenta encapsulation specialist

Childbirth Course Creator

All around birth junkie

Mindful Gentle Birth Course

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