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We are a team of birth workers passionate about empowering women and families in their pregnancy, during birth and send you off on a harmonious postpartum parenting journey. We have spent the first year of our business (2020) serving our community in many ways. Moving into 2021 we are taking a step back from our doula services, birth photography and steam services. This is as we transition to new heights and one of our doulas, Sam, into new motherhood. We will still be serving our community through Placenta Encapsulation, birth and postpartum luxury products, blog posts of information, and empowering you to find and build your village ! For recommendations of local Doulas and birth services, check out our resources/village page. We are still here serving and excited for what our future will bring!

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Felicia Suggs

Birth & Postpartum Doula, 
Studying Midwifery Out Of State

Felicia, known to family and friends as Fee, accepted a strong call to follow a path towards supporting and promoting women's health. Her journey has been fueled by the care she received from her midwives. The care was centered in nurturing and empowering women to search within, find their own strength, and bring it forth to birth their children. She is currently a birth and postpartum doula with a firsthand understanding of how movement, breathwork, nurturing support, and knowledge can transform a birth and a woman. She is ready to be at your service virtually but taking a step back from one on one doula work as she begins to study midwifery.

Samantha McClanahan

Birth Doula (On Mama Leave) 
Pelvic Steam Facilitator

Sam found her purpose intuitively in birth work as she began exploring peaceful ways to give birth once she met her husband and wanted to start a family with him. She also felt deeply called to work with women as a way to facilitate intergenerational healing within herself and her family. Discovering the doula path quickly ignited a fire in her for women's health & wellbeing in a variety of embodied experiences throughout the reproductive years, including menstruation, infertility, and perinatal care (pregnancy, labor, and postpartum). Sam facilitates pelvic steaming in private or intimate shared spaces, a practice which has been in midwives' toolkits for millennia to encourage proper postpartum healing. She was trained by Kelli Garza. Pelvic steaming is a practice also used for promoting reproductive health and renewing one's connection to their pelvic bowl. She has hosted Womb Circles in Tucson, AZ where women commune in circle for sisterhood and healing of their womb and heart spaces through discussion and hands-on practices. In her free time, she makes pottery!


Julia McCool

Placenta Encapsulation Specialist
Mindful Gentle Birth Course Creator

Julia is a natural minded mama, who loves to garden and is learning how to live a self sustainable life. In her spare time, she loves to be with her family and enjoys the outdoors.
She has been obsessed with everything pregnancy and birthing since her pregnancy. She wants every woman to feel just as empowered as she did when she gave birth! She began her journey into the birthing world as a placenta encapsulation specialist, in 2018 with a bustling doula agency in California.
She enjoys helping women with postpartum care via placenta encapsulating. When processing a placenta she handles with the utmost love and care. She is excited at the opportunity of having a hand in your postpartum healing process.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with all of your questions and requests!

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Thank you for your help Julia! We appreciate your services a lot!

Kana & James

I've loved the pills! I've felt wonderful, both emotionally and physically. I shed all of my baby weight in 6 weeks - without trying. That's totally not my body type at all!

Amanda M

Julia helped me get set up with the placenta encapsulation process and she was able to answer all my questions and educate me on what I needed to do and how the process worked. It was super easy to get my placenta to her once it was delivered. I got my encapsulations within 48hrs and boy let me tell you they are little miracle encapsulations. This was my first baby and by two days postpartum I felt like death and shortly after taking them I started to feel a tiny bit better and after 24 hrs I started to feel normal. I'm not even a week into postpartum and my recovery has been so easy. My milk has come in like a flood, my mood is like it was before I got pregnant, even though I don't sleep a lot with a newborn I actually have some energy. Well I guess you can say these are the answers to the best postpartum you can have. I recommend these to any mom. I don't think there are enough positive words to describe the process. Thank you so much for helping me with this process, because this has made postpartum so much better than I ever thought it could be. I'm so thankful for you and your services.

Amanda July 2020

I am so in love with the medicine our bodies provide us to recover from birth, the placenta. And I am so in love with Julia who lovingly cooked, dehydrated, and encapsulated by hand the organ that nourished my son while he was wiggling in my womb. She was loving, attentive, and respectful when she delivered the pills on day 2 or 3 (it's hazy) to my home. The pills, themselves, were a wonder drug - this is definitely a service EVERY woman should do, especially because it's safe and badass! I was quite blissed out by my empowering homebirth experience and falling madly in love with my son, and the support provided by my placenta prolonged that bliss for the 2 weeks that I took them - I went for the super dose of 3 pills 3x a day and it really helped my pull through the most intense part of my healing phase with a glowing smile on my face. 
The amazingness doesn't stop there - Julia made beautiful prints with food-safe dyes so I can remember the shape and reality of my beautiful placenta. I'm excited to try out my placenta tincture that Julia also made once I hit six weeks. There were a few days when I didn't take as many placenta pills in the beginning and I felt noticeably lower energy and mood. I felt like a junkie shaking the last few pills in the bottom of my jar because I knew they made me feel so good and supported. Luckily I have an herbal tonic I had lined up to take the place of postpartum support. So get your placenta encapsulated when you have a baby!!

Samantha Fogelson December 2020

This spray is so lovely to use and effective! I used this spray starting in my third trimester once daily. Thinking about it now, I have faith using it really helped my recovery from the two minor tears I got from birth - they were recovering "completely and beautifully" (said my midwife) without stitches by the fourth day after birth. I waited the first week after birth to use the spray because I was really sensitive to stinging feelings but I loved using it since then. I'll be honest, and share that I developed a rectal fissure from constipation and that was NOT fun (and kinda scary) BUT was resolved quickly once I had the notion to use my spray down there! This is an all-around wonderful product that I feel good spraying on my yoni because it's clean ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils.

Samantha Fogelson December 2020


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